All of our balloon decor Must  be pre-ordered two weeks in advance .     If you are not sure what size ARCH you need here is  a simple formula to determine the size  ( width + height = length. Example…doorway is 8 feet wide, ceiling is 12 feet high, therefore the  arch would be 20 feet. (8 +12 = 20)  

Outdoor Decor – since we have no control over wind, rain, sun, temperature, or any other facet of weather, WE WILL NOT GUARANTEE ANY OUTDOOR DECOR! We will take steps to minimize the effects of the elements on your decor, but despite our best efforts, most outdoor decor is still subject to popping, “frosting” or fogging the colors, and/or movement caused by wind.

Helium Balloons outdoors —  We do not suggest that you use  Helium clusters, Helium arches, Helium centerpieces out doors if you choose to we are not responsible for them popping , frosting, or fogging in color . we suggest  INDOOR USE ONLY!!!  

Payment Policy – All decor jobs must be paid 100% at time of order approval. 

Cancellation policy : orders cancelled  7 business days  in advance of your delivery date we charge a 25% Cancellation Fee.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           orders cancelled  less than 7 business days prior to your delivery date we charge a 75% cancellation fee.

We charge this fee because we have reserved this time to create your decor, and we have turned down other work  for the time that was reserved for you 


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  •  Halloween canopy  jr
    This item musted be ordered two weeks in advance  ..
  •  Table Centerpiece
    Table centerpiece ... choose your own colors to match your party theme  each centerpiece is $6.50 ..
  • 36  inch topper balloon column
    Each balloon column comes with a 36 inch balloon topper . ..
  • Balloon Ceiling  Decor
    Decorate your ceiling for any celebration , prices vary on this decor each latex balloon is $1.29 Choose colors from our latex category... look closely these balloons are incased in a balloon circle so they stay exactly where you want them .. email if you have questions at
  • Balloon Column  Decor
    Create this  balloon column with your  choice of two colors along with a 24 inch balloon topper or a mylar balloon topper . This balloon creation can be custom made for you with colors from our latex balloon category this column comes in 5,6,7 a..
  • Balloon Wall
    Great for any occasion backdrop and photo opps, this wall  6X6 comes in different sizes and colors you choose from our latex balloon category , dont see the color you need we can get most , call us at 804-506-0144 or email us at you can even chat with us right now using ..
  • Bead Dance Floor
    This item must be ordered two weeks in advance  ..
  • Birthday Package
    What a great way to say Happy Birthday to friends and family . you can also choose the color of your package and ribbion - This item must be pre-ordered  ..
  • Ceiling balloons
    Choose your own balloon colors for your event. great for your newyears eve party, birthday , anniversary, wedding, the list goes on  ..
  • Chandelier
    This item must be pre-ordered two weeks in advance  ..
  • Clouds
    This is great for a wedding or anniversary party these clouds can be created in any color ..
  • Column with Burst
    Six foot balloon column with a burst at the top ... choose your own colors-  This item must be pre-ordered  ..
  • Combination
     7x8 foot Arch and two 6 foot columns , chooose your colors this item must be pre-ordered 7 days prior to  your event .  ..
  • Confetti Balloons
      These custom colors (choose your own) confetti  filled balloons are perfect to coordinate with your event theme. Perfect for weddings, graduations, baby showers, engagement parties, birthdays, New Year's Eve...and more! ..the options are endless! Match school colors for graduation ..
  • Dance Floor
    This Dance floor you can choose your own colors to match your event. THIS ITEM MUST BE PRE-ORDERED 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE . please call for pricing information or use the chat box below for any questions  ..
  • Dance Line
    Dance line dance floor great addition to any party choode your own colors . this item must be pre-ordered 7 days prior to your event  ..
  • Double Trouble 24 inch topper balloon column
    Double Trouble balloon column choose your own color , great for newyears , wedding, graduation , birthday, anniversary and more  ..
  • Festival Arch
    This arch can be made in any two colors you choose - This item must be pre-ordered  ..
  • Halloween beaded arch
    This Arch must be pre-ordered two weeks in advance    ..
  • Halloween column
    6 foot halloween columns with pumpkin head toppers $119.00  as shown . This item must be pre-ordered two weeks in advance  ..
  • Helium  Latex Balloons
    11” latex balloons come in your choice of color combination, filled with helium and attached to matching ribbon. Balloon weights are not included with helium balloons, but can be purchased at an additional fee. We do not attach the balloons to the weights; this is left for the client to ..
  • Mardi Gra center piece
    Mardi Gra centerpiece includes five 5 inch  balloons incased  in foil stars with matching colors .  ..
  • Mardi Gra column
    Mardi gra column starting at $35.00  ..
  • Mickey Mouse Column
    Mickey Mouse column 6 foot tall . This item must be pre- ordered . You can custom make this mickey if you would like to use different colors we can do that .. We will deliver to your event  ..
  • Minnie Column
    Minnie mouse column 6 foot tall , choose your own colors or choose this original . Look close you can have your child name added to the topper balloon  ..
  • Newyear arch
    8x8 newyears arch choose your colors to match your party theme  ..
  • Number Column
    Choose your number and colors for this number column , goes great with any birthday party , anniversary .. etc  ..
  • Package Deal
    Great package deal   (2) 6 foot columns with burst   (1) Mickey mouse 6 foot column   (1) Minnie mouse 6 foot column    (1)  4 foot number column   with a Happy Birthday balloon arch attached to the columns of your choice. feel free to choose..