All of our balloon decor Must  be pre-ordered two weeks in advance .     If you are not sure what size ARCH you need here is  a simple formula to determine the size  ( width + height = length. Example…doorway is 8 feet wide, ceiling is 12 feet high, therefore the  arch would be 20 feet. (8 +12 = 20)  

Outdoor Decor – since we have no control over wind, rain, sun, temperature, or any other facet of weather, WE WILL NOT GUARANTEE ANY OUTDOOR DECOR! We will take steps to minimize the effects of the elements on your decor, but despite our best efforts, most outdoor decor is still subject to popping, “frosting” or fogging the colors, and/or movement caused by wind.

Helium Balloons outdoors —  We do not suggest that you use  Helium clusters, Helium arches, Helium centerpieces out doors if you choose to we are not responsible for them popping , frosting, or fogging in color . we suggest  INDOOR USE ONLY!!!  

Payment Policy – All decor jobs must be paid 100% at time of order approval. 

Cancellation policy : orders cancelled  7 business days  in advance of your delivery date we charge a 25% Cancellation Fee.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           orders cancelled  less than 7 business days prior to your delivery date we charge a 75% cancellation fee.

We charge this fee because we have reserved this time to create your decor, and we have turned down other work  for the time that was reserved for you 


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  • Patriotic  arch
    Say Happy 4th with this great arch ..
  • Peppermint Strips Arch
    Peppermint Strip Balloon Arch is 7 foot x 10 foot . $174.99   This item must be pre ordered two weeks in advance please be advised that there is a $50.00 fee for set up and  removal of this arch once your event is over . total cost excluding tax is $224.99 ..
  • pumpkin arch
    This Bead arch is great for your  halloween party .. This item must be pre-ordered two weeks in advance  ..
  • winter centerpiece
    Winter centerpiece with a 24 inch balloon topper stuffed with smaller balloons  inside customize your own by choosen your own colors .  This item must be pre-ordered two weeks in advance prior to your event  ..
  • Arch of colors
    Arch of colors... make this arch your own by selecting your own colors in our latex section .  THIS ITEM MUST BE PRE-ORDERED  two weeks in advance       ..
  • Baby Shower Towers Balloon Decor Balloons
    This baby shower tower can be custom made to the colors you choose from our latex balloon section and use the  baby shower category to choose your mylar topper  .. this can be a two link or three link tower it's up to you price starts at $23.99 EACH  If you have any questions chat wit..
  • Baby Shower Balloon Decor
    This package comes with a beaded Arch  that is 7x8 in size , two  5 foot Columns with a mylar topper  , and ten  solid latex balloons .. your choice in pink or blue ... THIS PACKAGE HAS TO BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE  ..